Manufacturing of cases

We would like to offer manufacturing of cases from sheet rolled metal products of any configuration. Manufacturing of cases is the field of laser cutting, which allows to produce both flat details and complex scans of three-dimensional structures that require combination of linear and curvilinear cuts with their further processing using sheet bending equipment. Such a combination of advantages allows to produce casegoods of the highest grade of complexity at the least cost.

We are willing to give the highest priority to each client, offering them a creative approach, which, as a rule, can’t be ensured by large productions; moreover, we can offer special terms for large customers. Organizational, engineering and production resources of the company enable us to manufacture metal cases and individual parts, differing in construction and purpose, from sheet metal. The main advantage of our company is a full production cycle. We offer a full complex of services in view of production of metal cases and parts made of metal sheets – everything from elaboration of Your idea to its manifestation in the form of “iron”.

Additional services

The capabilities of Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” are not confined to laser cutting and bending— we offer various additional metal processing services. Our specialists perform polishing and powdered painting of various metal products.

Polishing is a type of metal processing, owing to which metal surface becomes even and smooth. This process is used as final polishing of metal surfaces using abrasive materials and instruments.

Powdered metal painting only recently came into prominence on our market, but by virtue of its high-grade protective and decorative properties, it has become really popular. Powdered metal painting is the most environment-friendly and completely non-waste painting method ensuring high quality coating, a wide palette of colors, including imitation of bronze and copper coating, or silver and gold painting, etc., as well as low self-cost and functionality.

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