Metal bending

Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” offers high-precision metal bending on computer numerical controlled machines.

Sheet metal bending is a complex of forces exerted on the surface, following which metal sheet will take the required shape. Among the benefits of the “sheet metal bending” technology, high productivity of this operation, the possibility of automation and absence of welding seams, having a direct impact on the durability of the finished product, are worth mentioning. Our company is tooled with modern equipment with high-precision software, and our highly experienced employees have a perfect knowledge of sheet metal processing technology, which enables to manufacture parts of any dimensions and of various designs from sheet metal.

Advantages of sheet metal bending

  • High-grade precision of all products;
  • Production of seamless structures. It is commonly known that welding seams are a weak link, often accountable for activation of corrosion processes, when the integrity of metal structures is violated;
  • High quality and efficiency.

Additional services

The capabilities of Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” are not confined to laser cutting and bending— we offer various additional metal processing services. Our specialists perform polishing and powdered painting of various metal products.

Polishing is a type of metal processing, owing to which metal surface becomes even and smooth. This process is used as final polishing of metal surfaces using abrasive materials and instruments.

Powdered metal painting only recently came into prominence on our market, but by virtue of its high-grade protective and decorative properties, it has become really popular. Powdered metal painting is the most environment-friendly and completely non-waste painting method ensuring high quality coating, a wide palette of colors, including imitation of bronze and copper coating, or silver and gold painting, etc., as well as low self-cost and functionality.

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