Laser cutting

Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” would like to offer You laser metal cutting services. Use of high-tech German TRUMPF machines allows our Company to perform laser metal cutting of any complexity within the shortest time possible with minimum consumption of the source material.

Laser metal cutting techniques essentially differ from common methods that have been used for many years in metalworking sphere. Virtually high-precise equipment ensures contact-free cutting. Computer-controlled laser beam enables to cut almost any material regardless of its density and the extent of thermal conductivity. Precise focusing and high heat energy concentration allow to perform laser metal cutting avoiding deformation and preventing burr formation.  Comparably low service cost is attributable to exceptional efficiency of our equipment.  Laser beam enables to considerably increase the rate of processing, thus, decreasing the cost of laser cutting device operation.

The cost of each order is determined individually and depends on the type of metal, complexity of cutting and overall scope of work. We take the orders for the processing of cold-rolled and stainless steel up to 20 mm in thickness. Cutting will be performed in accordance with the Customer’s drawing and sketches in AUTOCAD format with dxf. file extension.

By choosing our laser metal cutting services, You will benefit from an efficient result at an affordable price, and we can guarantee You quality, responsibility and a comprehensive approach.

Laser cutting advantages:

  • High-quality smooth surface and alignment of the cut wall edges of any material regardless of its thermal-physical properties;
  • No mechanical impact is made on the processed material;
  • The possibility to cut three-dimensional structures with any section;
  • No material deformation is observed during heating due to  insignificant zone of thermal exposure, which enables application of laser cutting for easily deforming and non-rigid parts;
  • A possibility to regulate the diameter of a laser beam within the range of 0.05 – 3.00 mm allows to create a 0.05-mm hole in material of up to 4 mm in thickness, and a more than 0.20-mm hole in up to 20-mm thick material;
  • High cutting speed on account of high capacity of laser radiation;
  • High precision of cutting up to 0.05 mm, including production batches;
  • No additional processing is required due to absence of roughness of cut edges, beadings and burr;
  • A possibility to considerably reduce the time of process preparation on condition of assimilation of production of new serial products;
  • Less waste due to narrow cutting, and software enabling to cut the sheet with maximum efficiency ratio.

Additional services

The capabilities of Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” are not confined to laser cutting and bending— we offer various additional metal processing services. Our specialists perform polishing and powdered painting of various metal products.

Polishing is a type of metal processing, owing to which metal surface becomes even and smooth. This process is used as final polishing of metal surfaces using abrasive materials and instruments.

Powdered metal painting only recently came into prominence on our market, but by virtue of its high-grade protective and decorative properties, it has become really popular. Powdered metal painting is the most environment-friendly and completely non-waste painting method ensuring high quality coating, a wide palette of colors, including imitation of bronze and copper coating, or silver and gold painting, etc., as well as low self-cost and functionality.

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