Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” is the largest Belarusian enterprise engaged in providing of services in the field of complex metalworking. Complex metalworking is performed using high-precision professional equipment. Currently we dispose of a service yard consisting of four laser-cutting TRUMPF complexes. Our equipment allows us to render the following services: complex metalworking, metal sheet cutting, laser metal cutting, metal bending, production of non-standard steel constructions, and shape metal cutting. The complex of services that we render will allow You to considerably decrease the time spent in search of all the required components, as well as to reduce essentially Your financial expenses. You will obtain a full complex of metalworking services with quality guarantee and a flexible discount system.

We perform complex services by using advanced technical achievements, modern machines and optimal industrial process management system. By means of our equipment, we will in no time manufacture the required parts from up to 20-mm-thick sheet metal, as well as metal cases of any complexity. Maximum dimensions of the processed metal sheet measure 2x4 meters. The parts can be manufactured either from the material of the customer, or from the in-house material.

We can most definitely cite the following advantages of our company:

  • Invariably high quality of rendered services;
  • High precision;
  • Rendering of metal working services within a maximally tight schedule;
  • Individual approach to each and every customer, their needs and exigencies;
  • Favorable prices (for the purposes of final price determination, please, contact our employees or send the drawings with the indication of the quantity of articles).

Every client is important to us! Our partners can always count on considerate individual approach on our part to their requirements and desires, and they will appreciate cooperating with a company applying the most advanced technologies and notable for stringent labor organization and high expertise of its employees. We are looking forward to cooperation with the companies of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Peasant Farm Holding “Selifontovo” is looking forward to cooperation with You on mutually favorable terms!!!!